• CBSE Board, Lodging, Fooding & Boarding Available at Campus.
  • Professioal coaching by certified coaches.
  • Teaching with latest techniques.
  • Usage of latest equipment for each level.
  • Fitness training by the certified trainers, Cross fit training, Functional power training, Sand Strength Conditioning, GYM, Power Yoga, Swimming.
  • Mental Training programs and Sports psychologist counseling.
  • Video analysis and Bio-Mechanics for advance level & Lecture Sessions, Tennis Clinics, Campus and workshops.
  • Inter Academy, District, State National International Tournament.
  • Recovery Machines, Tissues and Muscles Repair Dr. Machines & Physiotherapy, Dietitians, Physiotherapist.
  • Individual Personal profile for tournaments player, Duration of Tournaments Players performance analysis.
  • Fun Games: Rugby, Baseball, Beach Football, Football, Basekerball, Kick Boxing, Boxing Carrum, Chess, Archery, Cycling etc.
  • Boarding, Lodging (CBSE) Board, Pick-up & Drop Van.


We provide Scholarship & Placement in Top Most Colleges in world & bring sponsorship for talented players of academy.